I’ve been using LogMeIn Free for over a year now and I love it.  How could GoToMyPC compete against a product that’s free?

LogMeIn is a remote access solution that works thru proxy servers.  My guess is that both PCs connect to a central remote access server and retrieves updates from the remote access server.


2 Responses to “LogMeIn”

  1. Kajo Says:

    Why shouldn´t GoToMyPC being able to compete against a free product? Even LogMeIn doesn´t live from free installations that means there are people who pay for that solution and they don´t use the free version. As private user you may benefit from such a solution but there is also not only one FREE solution usually but more. And maybe some are better then others….The quality determines the price and somethimes its worth paying for it.

    I like teamviewer (www.teamviewer.com), it is for free for private use, but if I would use it commercially I would pay for it because it is the best and it is very affordable.

  2. Richard S Says:

    Techinline Remote Desktop is probably the most reasonably priced and easiest tool to use for remote support. First of all, there is absolutely no installation needed on either end, and at $30 a month, it’s very affordable for commercial or private use. They also have a pay as you go plan. I’ve switched from LogMeIn Rescue which I found to be a bit too pricey, even though it did offer more features (most of which I did not use)

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